Basically I'm apply the same principle of Transmitter Coil. I'm add a Winding --> Voltage (Solid), and I'm assign 1kOhm for resistance parameter, and 0V to Voltage parameter. Then I'm select each face of the Transmitter Coil Terminal and Assign Excitation --> Coil Terminal. Finally I'm Add each Terminal Excitation to the Winding. For both Coil's, the terminals at the bottom are the Input parameter (For current and voltage), and terminals at the top are the Output parameter (For current and voltage). Also, each terminal are in contact with the face of the region. I'm not sure if this is the correct configuration for Receiver Coil to measure the voltage, because in the practice, When a current is apply to terminals of transmitter coil, the induced voltage is measured on the receiver coils. 


Many thanks.