Hi rwoolhou,

How does one run the model outside of Workbench? Also, what are you referring to when you say "existing data", as I think the presence  of "existing data" from the previous simulation maybe be related to my initialization errors.

My thought is that I would not want to use "existing data" for simulations with altered settings because I want to generate new results. I am not too sure if this is the right train of thought, so if you could elaborate that would be helpful.

Also, in terms of not need initializing, my simulations uses a UDF with the DEFINE_INIT function to set up an initial temperature distribution within the domain upon simulation initialization. So I feel that this might conflict with that suggestion. 

Essentially just looking for best practice to: Setup Simulation Settings > Solve > Post-Process > Save > Close > Return to Simulation > Configure Settings (i.e. inlet velocity among other things) > Run simulation again without getting errors upon initialization > Post-Process > Save > Close ... *Repeat*