Kalyan Goparaju
Ansys Employee

Hello Ryan, 

1. In Workbench, if you click on the little arrow on the top left of the analysis system, you will get an option to duplicate it. What that does is to create a second identical copy of this system. Yes, there will be a slight increase in the disk space requirement but this process will ensure that you always have the original option to fall back onto

2. As I mentioned above, if you duplicate the simulation, the settings are identical to the original. If you now change the inlet BC and run the simulation (without initializing), you should not face any issue (putting aside the chance of divergence due to problem setup, if any). However, if you have to start the simulation from scratch with the new Inlet BC i.e. initialize and then run, and you are seeing an initialization issue, then something else is wrong and it not probably the settings. Have you tried different types of initializations? Standard, Hybrid, FMG?