Karthik R


This is definitely a convergence issue as Rob points out rightly.

As Amine asked you earlier, what is your mesh quality? Maximum skewness and Minimum orthogonal quality? Could you please share the numbers here? It is not very clear from your screenshot.

Secondly, in your adaptive time-step settings, why is your max step change factor 100? Could you please revert this number to the default factor of 1.2. Also, you need not go as conservative as 1e-10. I'd strongly suggest that you calculate your minimum time-step size based on CFL = 1 and go one order of magnitude (on the conservative side). That should be sufficient.

Also, to answer your last question - unless you have saved the data file before t = 7 s, you will not be able to go back. If you have not done it already, it might be a good idea to periodically write your data file.