Dear rwoolhou,

        Thanks for your concern 

          Yes, the problem is concerned about both of the things you mentioned in the comment

        1. wax formation of the walls.

        2. As well as material buildup ( with decrease in temperature it precipitates out of oil , and re-dissolves as temperature increases)

  •         Is there any method to incorporate the data of temperature solubility of wax in material properties.

  •          Additionally, what type of flow models in Fluent could simulate this type of wax deposition in pipelines

  •        How to simulate molecular diffusion as the wax deposition phenomena in flow of wax-oil mixture.

Your response would be appreciated. 


Rohit Sharma




  •       Molecular diffusion is the primary reason for wax deposition on pipewalls from the bulk fluid

  •      Incompressible fluid

  •    Gravity effect is not to be considered for wax deposition 

  •    Shear force does not affect the wax deposition.

         Quantitites to measure:

Simulate the wax/solid deposition with time and pipe length and measure the wax/solid deposition height and wax/solid content deposited on the pipelines from the bulk wax-oil mixture , with time.