Thank you for that explanation. The multiphase model sounds like what I am looking to model, with 1 phase air and water vapor and the second as water liquid. 

From what I have seen with working on multiphase models and your explanation, I have added 3 phases from multiphase. Primary phase of air, secondary phase water vapor, and another secondary phase of water liquid.

I have also added a evaporation-condensation phase interaction as well. What I believe to be occuring in the model I am trying to replicate is humid air (with water droplets) is evaporative cooling on an electronic component. So what I did with the evaporation-condensation phase interaction was added a water-liquid to water-vapor mass transfer interaction, while the electronic component has a volumetric heat source term on it and a specified water-liquid volume fraction. Are those the right steps?

If I wanted to create a film, would I do the opposite phase interaction (from vapor to liquid) and adding a volume fraction for the vapor instead?