Hi win,


I did the command to test IBM MPI (change installation path and version accordingly)


"%MPI_ROOT%binmpirun" -hostlist localhost:2,MachineB:2 "C:Program FilesAnsysEMAnsysEM19.4Win64schedulersdiagnosticsUtilspcmpi_test.exe"




but i got the information below:


C:Users86188>"%MPI_ROOT%binmpirun" -hostlist localhost:2, "C:Program FilesAnsysEMAnsysEM20.1Win64schedulersdiagnosticsUtilspcmpi_test.exe"


mpirun: Drive is not a network mapped - using local drive.


WARNING: No cached password or password provided.


         use '-pass' or '-cache' to provide password


ERR-Client: InitializeSecurityContext failed (0x8009030e)


ERR - Client Authorization of socket failed.


Command sent to service failed.


mpirun: ERR: Error adding task to job (-1).


mpirun: mpirun_mpid_start: thread 2172 exited with code -1


mpirun: mpirun_winstart: unable to start all mpid processes.


mpirun: Unable to contact remote service or mpid


mpirun: An mpid process may still be running on




Could you please tell me how to solve the problem?


What else should i do except those 6 steps in https://studentcommunity.ansys.com/thread/hpc-setup-for-ansys-2020r1/?order=all ?


If there is something i should do to active MPI ?