Hi Navya,

Thanks for taking the time to answer this thread!

Regarding your questions...
- I am talking about a particular design. Although I haven't tried many others to be able to confirm that the problem is only in this one, I have ran one other design that did not have the same problem. The design, however, was limited to much lower velocities, although it achieved slightly higher torque. Therefore, I did not jump to the conclusion that it was a design specific problem, because, the way I see it, it can also be a limit in the number of points plotted in the efficiency map.
- As for the machine being analyzed, it is a adjust-speed synchronous machine, 48s8p, ~120kW (350Nm, 3000rpm). As for the toolkit setup, I am not sure of the specifics you want to know, but I would not say there is anything worth mentioning... I am setting it as a PM Synchronous with 8 poles and 3 phases. Sinusoidal PWM as Voltage Control and Maximum Torque per Ampere as Control Strategy. 0.9 modulation index, and as Motor. I did not change much in the Design of Experiments part, apart from setting 15 speed points up to 15000rpm.
- I am not aware that I can choose the plots generated by the toolkit, so the toolkit is basically plotting all the default maps - although I am only interested in the Efficiency map and Power Factor map.

And I did check the design limitation - as I said, it's rated to ~350Nm, 3000rpm.

While answering your questions, the only thing I have realized here is that I was setting the voltage in the toolkit thinking of the rated voltage (not Line-Line RMS, which is what is asked for). However, I don't see that affecting the results to the point that the machine would only operate in the 100Nm, 5000rpm region. I will, however, run the simulation again taking the line-line into account. [EDIT: never mind. That only applies for the Line-Line as Voltage Control. Either way, I am changing the design a little to check if the problem is design specific.]

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will update the thread in a few hours with the new simulation results.

Meanwhile, please, let me know if any further details are needed.