Thank you for your answer, I understand, so here is the code :


#include "udf.h"



   real u;

   real uavg=0.;

   int i;

   int ph_index_gas = 3; /* This is the phase ID that has my gas in Fluent (foud in "phase") */

   cell_t c;

   Thread *mix_th, *subth; /* I believe mix_th is the mixture level thread pointer */

   subth = THREAD_SUB_THREAD(mix_th, ph_index_gas);

   printf("n test1");


   /* Loop over all cells  */



  printf("n test2");

  u = C_U(c,mix_th);          /* get cell velocity */

  uavg = uavg+u; 

  i = i+1;



   uavg = uavg/i;

   printf("n uavg = %g   u = %g   i = %gn",uavg,u,i);


The error is a "received signal SIGSEGV"  type.

I am using a multiphase VOF model and the energy equation. The study is in 2D and the solver planar (so the bubble is more of an infinite cylinder).

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