Ansys Employee

Hi Ben,

Can you check on the license server machine to see if there is any other process already uses the port 2325 ?

If the ansyslmd.ini doesn't exist on the license server, you can manually create the file with that exact name, and just put the ANSYSLI_EXTERNAL_IP content there.

You can also change the port that ansysli_server uses. You can do that by adding the following


into the same ansyslmd.ini file as above.

Once this is done, please restart the ANSYS License Manager. In your case, I would want to make sure that all of these processes are down first: ansysli_server.exe, ansysli_monitor.exe, lmgrd.exe (make sure it's from ANSYS and not other tools), and ansyslmd.exe , before you start the License Manager up again.

Does this make a difference ?