I'm thinking this problem might be solved applying frictional contact on a bearing surface for the plate and on the loading metal plate that applied the pressure. I revised several compression discussions in this forum but I don't understand completely which how to accomplish this contact surfaces and apply the force on the rigid metal loading plate.

This is what I got right now: I'm using SOLID186 for the simulation.


From what I learnt, I have to make the rigid surfaces TARGET and the specimen CONTACT, applying an assymetric pair. My question is, how can I apply force on the TARGET rigid surface of the loading plate? My final goal is to obtain a force - displacement (Uz) of the upper central node of the specimen (this I know how to do).

Do I need to merge the areas and lines of the specimen and the loading plate before meshing? How can I select the CONTACT and TARGET areas here, if they are superimposed? 


Please, any help will be appreciated .