Ansys Employee

Answering on behalf of Bill (wrbulat)

Thank you for letting us know about this problem. The PLANE13 element type used in the tutorial is still documented at 2020R1, but the command for triggering the calculation of magnetic forces that this element type relies on is no longer documented and has been removed from the GUI too.    One can enter this command on the MAPDL command line:  


The single quotes are necessary. This will set the "flags" on the body of elements named "arm" that will enable calculation of magnetic forces acting upon them. Later, after solving and in post-processing, the user will need this command:  


This will report the calculated forces acting on the body of elements named "arm".  

Another option is to use the current technology PLANE233 element types instead of legacy PLANE13. The new elements do not use the setting of "flags" to calculate forces. Instead, the EMFT command is used in post-processing to obtain forces.

More info at:


Regards, Bill