Karthik R


Yes, could you please try the following steps and help us understand if this is working at your end.

  • Open WorkBench and create a new instance of Fluent.

  • Click on Geometry and change analysis type of 2D under 'Properties of Schematic A2: Geometry'.

  • Draw a simple rectangle in XY plane in SpaceClaim.

  • Open Ansys Meshing (Mesh - A3) and generate the mesh. Please see the image below. Once you are done with this and close meshing, you should have two ticks on Geometry and Mesh. Do you see these?

WB Image: 

  • Now, double click on 'Set-up' (A4) and you should see the following pop-up window. Do you see this?

Once you hit 'Start' Fluent should launch in 2D.

Please let us know what you see. If you are not seeing the same set of screens as I have posted here, then please share your images (step by step). If you do not share these details images, we will not be able to understand the issue and therefore cannot help you here. Please go through this workflow step by step and let's understand if you are able to replicate this issue on this simple test geometry.

Thank you.