Ansys Employee

The Prepare tab contains several tools that are useful when preparing for a simulation. The Volume Extract tool can be used to generate a solid that represents the interior of a model.

To create a volume, do the following:

1. Click Volume Extract

2. Select the faces that enclose the region of interest. These should be the faces which contain inlets or outlets of the volume. The face where the inlet begins is a prime example. Any face where the interior volume would "spill" out of the model should be selected.

3. Click the Select Seed Face button within the Volume Extract function menu. The seed face can be any face on the "inside" of the volume. For example, if we're extracting the volume of a cylindrical tube, the seed face would be the inner diameter of the tube.

4. With the boundary and seed faces defined, click the green check mark to complete the operation and generate the volume.

If there is an error when generating the volume, the Preview Inside Faces option on the left of the screen can be used to visualize where the volume is escaping to the exterior of the part. Adjust the slider and examine the red preview to see where it "spills" out of the interior volume.