Ansys Employee

While evaluating any result object, it is not possible to select multiple locations (like multiple planes) from the dropdown list in the "Location" field. However, by editing the expression in this Location field, it is possible to specify multiple location objects in a single result.

Consider a case where you would like to evaluate Contour results on multiple planes using a single Contour results object. To start with, add a Contour result and select the first plane from the drop down list of Location field. Let's say this is "Plane 1". Once selected, click on "Plane 1" in the location field to show its location path. The path will look like shown in below image.



Copy this location path in any text editor.

Similarly, if you have another plane, click on it to get the location path and then copy it in the text editor.

Now to specify multiple locations, first paste all the location paths (copied earlier) in the Location field one after the other. Then replace brackets "][" by a comma "," in the location field. See below location path which contains path for 3 planes - Plane 1, Plane 3 and Plane 4.

["@@/Study/Plane:Plane 1", "@@/Study/Plane:Plane 3", "@@/Study/Plane:Plane 4"]

If you now evaluate the result, you will see the contour plots on all the 3 planes specified in the Location field. See below image showing this combined location path and the contour results plotted for the 3 planes in a single result object.