Ansys Employee

The simulation technology within ANSYS Discovery Live leverages the almost 50 years of proven ANSYS R&D experience in simulation and numerical methods across physics. This, combined with the latest high-performance computing architectures, provides instantaneous simulation with direct geometry modeling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation.

The underlying numerical methods are tailored for the physics and are tuned to reach the highest level of performance, accuracy and robustness that can be achieved on the hardware, resulting in instantaneous response and interactivity. Specifically, we use proprietary and novel variants of Finite Volume (combined with Large Eddy Simulation) for modeling fluids and Finite Element Methods for modeling Thermal and Structural physics. The discretization techniques and solution algorithms achieve maximum automation and speed using a voxel-based approach that eliminates the need for time-consuming mesh generation.

These algorithms and methods were rewritten from the ground up to leverage the CUDA parallel computing platform and take full advantage of the massively parallel GPU architecture, resulting in groundbreaking performance.

These details may change in the future, as we are continually working to improve the methods and algorithms within Discovery Live, and provide the best approaches possible for an interactive simulation environment.