Ansys Employee

You can simulate structural, fluid and thermal behavior in Discovery Live.  


  • Apply a force, pressure, displacement load, remote force, rotational velocity and even use gravity to determine stress and deformation.
  • Use different boundary conditions like Fixed support, planar support or hinged support.
  • Determine natural frequencies and mode shapes.


  • Visualize flow around or inside an object and calculate velocity, pressure, the flow rate at various locations and also measure the values along a pre-set path.
  • Use boundary conditions such as Rotating wall and Swirl velocity in addition to inlet and outlet pressure, heat flow and heat flux.
  • Apply velocity, pressure, outflow and temperature inputs.


  • Calculate temperature distribution due to conduction and convection.
  • Convection is represented as ambient flow velocity and temperature boundary condition.

Topology Optimization

  • High speed, interactive topology optimization feature which generates optimal shape from loading conditions & design constraints assigned.