Ansys Employee

Discovery AIM allows use of up to 4 processor cores for parallel processing with Discovery Ultimate Subscription or Enterprise license. However, it is possible to use more than 4 cores using add-on and HPC licenses based on the type of Discovery license. Please find below the details:

Subscription licensing:

With subscription license, there is an add-on license named "Discovery Ultimate CPU Core Extension" for using additional processor cores.

This add-on enables Discovery AIM to access up to 16 local processor cores.

The Discovery Ultimate CPU Core Extension licenses are not additive, so two Core Extensions licenses on the same machine do not enable 32 cores.

Enterprise licensing:

With Enterprise licensing, additional processor cores can be accessed using ANSYS HPC licenses or the Discovery Ultimate Enterprise CPU Core Extension.

When using ANSYS HPC licenses the number of cores is only limited by the number of HPC licenses that are available. This is not the case for the Discovery Ultimate Enterprise CPU Core Extension, which can only use a maximum of 16 cores.

One ANSYS HPC license pack when combined with an Discovery AIM license will enable 12 local HPC cores.

Discovery Ultimate CPU Core Extension and ANSYS HPC license cannot be combined together.

For Magnetostatic and Magnetic Frequency Response simulation, which both leverage the Maxwell solver, a user can not specify more than four HPC cores regardless of the HPC license that is available. Unfortunately, this is a current limitation of the Maxwell solver as it is licensed from within Discovery AIM. 

For further details about Discovery Ultimate CPU Core Extension and ANSYS HPC license, please contact your ANSYS Sales Representative.