Ansys Employee


Please have the customer review the following help section: Ansys Help -> Mechanical APDL -> Parallel Processing Guide -> Chapter 4 Using Distributed ANSYS. 

Especially the section on 'Distributed ANSYS Behavior'. Only certain APDL commands are communicated from the 'master' process to the other core ('slave') processes. During the solve process the calculation of derived results (strains, stresses etc) are done by each core process. But post-processing results runs in shared-memory mode even when the solution was done in distributed parallel mode. So no, the Ansys Cloud will not carry out their custom post-processing calculations in distributed parallel mode. 

Now, maybe the Ansys Cloud compute node hardware is...'better' than the customers hardware so that it runs these post-processing calculations faster in shared memory parallel mode. You can compare the customers hardware to the Azure compute nodes used (let me know if you don't have the link to this) but unless their hardware is lacking (old, slow hard drive, or maybe a lack of sufficient RAM, etc) I'd not expect much difference in running a post-processing macro. 

I hope this helps.