Kalyan Goparaju
Ansys Employee


Icepak is in beta level support. With 2019 R3, there are known issues with using Icepak in DMP parallel on ANSYS Cloud. In 2020 R1 (just released, and soon to be available on ANSYS Cloud) these issues have been addressed. It is still flagged in the UI as a beta capability, but it has undergone QA testing and there are no known issues. The beta flag text will be removed in 2020 R2, but no code changes are expected. In other words, it should work when 2020 R1 is available shortly. We should be announcing ANSYS Cloud support for 2020 R1 within the next few days. In the meantime, if you're strongly interested in trying Icepak on ANSYS Cloud, you should get the just released install of 2020 R1 from the Customer portal.