Hello,nnThanks for the quick reply. I wanted to plot the shape of the blob at the outlet (shape on the plane in the image above) . I am unsure as to what parameter I can use to get that. So I am trying to determine the shape and size of the blob at the outlet by varying some parameters. So what I would like to do eventually is the compare the different shapes and size that I would get. nI tried saving the image (Main.png) and running it using an image processing code in MATLAB. But it does not quite give me the exact width, height and area. I see that the width, height and area depend on how much I have zoomed in or out into the image while I was capturing it in FLUENT. Hope I am being clear enough. Do let me know if any more clarifications are needed. nHow do I write a profile that will give me x,y and z position and volume fraction?. I am sorry but I am not familiar with this. Thanks for the help.n