Hello,nJust to confirm if I am doing this right. I would go to pathlines --> new surface --> Iso -surface.Now since it is a 2 phase flow, I will choose the phase that I want (phase -1). In 'Iso-values' I will choose 0.5. And 'From surface' I will choose outlet since, that is the face where I want the profile to be computed. I will click on create.nnAfter this I will go to Boundary Conditions -->Profiles --> Write . I will select the created iso-surface. On the right hand side for the values should I choose Volume Fraction (phase -1)?nnWhen I click on write, I get to save it in .prof format. Now, How do I save it in a format so I can open it in excel or matlab?. I just want the shape of the blob at the outlet, nothing else.nThanks for the help Karthik. I really appreciate it.n