Basing on my experience with HFSS&Maxwell 10...15 I can say thatnMerging license files is possible n1)when components and their versions do not collide. Technically they may collide, giving you more workplaces, but this may fail for some reason. I had some errors and was forced filtering out duplicate and similar items. n2)when version priority is defined on the lmservern3)when the latest lmserver is usednI had success merging multiple dongle-based licenses (5 dongles) with MAC (2MACs) based licenses. MACs can be defined in NICs properties.nnIt really gives you a lot of advantages and flexibility.nnDon't forget, that when you are inserting an old dongle into the newer Windows, it can start silent update, so pulling it out (like during debugging) will kill the firmware. I had dongles with restorable firmware, but made a research before found correct firmware package.n