Yes, that is correct. By following the tutorial series on how to mest repeating geometries (
) the first step is to share the tolpology between all the surfaces, then imprint (which I have not yet applied due to the fact that with any tolerance, all the faces I need to imprint arent highlighted) . Once this is done, one applys mesh sizings. Thereafter, one goes back back into SpaceClaim, and using the rotating pattern tool you rotate the 1/17 section and do a few other little things. Finally, you go into ANSYS Mechanical and check that all the previously added mesh sizings are applied to the same geomerty (to ensure that each 1/17 section has the exact same geometry all around.nIdeally I would like to follow the method in the repeating geometries tutorial, however, I will look into the project tool and see if it does what I need it to.Nevertheless, do you have any idea why the imprint tool does'nt pick up some surfaces? Is it that the sufraces have to intersect?n