Hey Amine,I have run a couple simulations today starting from scratch. Both of them I thought were identical to how I set up my original simulations on the previous version. However, one of them came out again with the stabilizing pressure error, and the other came out with a nice smooth reducing residual plot. As seen below.nI have found the difference between the two. The smooth plot was set with the solution-methods as default (below).nnIn the other simulation that was showing errors (as well as all the simulations I had run on the old software), the turbulent kinetic energy and the specific dissipation rate were set to Second Order Upwind. I made this change as I had read that second-order accuracy is more applicable for tetrahedral mesh to yield greater accuracy. nAny ideas as to whether this could be the reason for the stabilizing pressure message? If so why would it only be affecting my simulation on the newer version?n