Mangesh Bhide
Ansys Employee
What is referred to here seems to be a CHECKOUT and CHECKIN. License borrowing is a different scenario.nA robust connection the the license manager is essential and is industry and academia standard. Please request the ANSYS Support Coordinator or Professor to please download a copy of ANSYS Inc License Manager Hardware and Network Requirements document from the Installation and Licensing Help and Tutorials page and provide it to the License Server Administrator and network administrator. If connection reliability is the issue then please alert Network Administrator / ISP etc.nLicenses should get reclaimed after a certain time if an end user loses connection to the license manager. If licenses have stayed checked out then please check if a rogue process is still running on the end user's machine and has tied up license. Terminating the process should return license if this is the cause.nIf hyperthreading or similar multi thread per core option is enabled, then please request end user to disable those and only use the physical cores on the compute machine(s) or one or 2 less cores than maximum available to have adequate resources for network communications.nLet us know if this information is helpfuln