>If connection reliability is the issue then please alert Network Administrator / ISP etc.nSo, you confirm, that ANSYS does nothing to solve the problem? The problem which was solved countless times... But you put it on admin, who is just a software user, and not a network programming god, to build a new lmserver on his own.nAny connection is unreliable by nature! Any VPN or long range connection is more unreliable than others.nThere should be some mechanism for identifying users. And if you avoid using simple MAC/IP address, or domain identity checkup, then why not using a digitally signed session? Like any web service do...nBtw, why do you avoid using MS Domain authentication? It provides resource identity off the shelf. Just check, if there is already a license reserved by the requesting machine, and is count the same that your own-built EDT client code reports? If not, just reset and reissue all the licenses to the specified user.n>Licenses should get reclaimed after a certain timenObviously, this time is irrationally long, or it does not work. We can not wait for a working dayn>If hyperthreadingnThe problem with freezing licenses is not related to hyperthreading, hypothreading, or supersewing.nIt is just there for all the years I remember HFSS.n