Hello Rob,nnThank you for the answer. I have changed the mesh and it seems not to be the problem. The mesh input in the tutorial, not the shown in the image, does not also work.nAfter a little research I have found the problem is the file is in a long path (long string, I mean). Workbench and the mesh worked fine with it, but not CFX. I didn't know that.nFor information, the project (*.wbpj) was in a 120 characters long path:n C:\0_FAZ\ANSYS\CFX_GS_2019R2_EN_Student\Student\M01 - Overview of CFD Process\CFX_GetStart1_19.0_WS01_Inputs_Mixing_TeennI have saved the project in the following folder, and it works properly:n C:\0_FAZ\ANSYS_work\WS01_Inputs_Mixing_TeennRegards!nFernandon