Hi Peter, thank you for your answer. I actually want to use the origin of the coordinate system to put one of the corners of the rectangle. Also, if I rotate the new plane along the Z axis, horizontal and vertical lines are now parallel to the X and Y axis of the new plane instead of remain parallel to the original X and Y axis of the XYplane (that's actually what I want).nI will give you some context of my work: I'm working on a model of a 2d plane stress plate, which will be controlled by another user. This user only has to control the geometry of the plate and she or he can check results of elasticity theory (for example, the famous 3 factor that appears with a plate with a hole in its center). This way, the user can evaluate some crazy scenarios where analytical solution is hard to obtain.nI think that controlling the position and dimentions of the ellipse inside the plate is already good and gives the opportunity to test multiple scenarios and adding the option of change the ellipse orientation would raise that number of scenarios.nn