I know one way to connect the fiber to the solid, that is to create an edge in the solid that is coincident with the fiber.nIf the curves of the fiber are planar, then it is possible to slice the solid on that plane, then extrude the fiber into a cutting surface and slide the two solid pieces into four, then you will need a plane at each end of the fiber, normal to the fiber to cut the four solids at each end of the fiber to end up with 12 pieces.nAt that point, Shared Topology begins working because your line body and the solid bodies now share edges.nIf the fiber was not planar, but had a 3D curve, that just makes the job more difficult, but not impossible.nI can help with that slicing if you attach a zip file with your project archive. Make sure the Geometry is available for editing in that archive.nThere is another way to do this, using MESH200, and REINFORCE, but I have never used that. No slicing of geometry is required. The elements find the intersection with the beams all by themselves.n