Dear Andre,nAttached is the 2D Thick Fibre that I performed a Combine operation to subtract the fiber from the matrix, then used the Share button to connect the two surfaces.nI rotated this geometry into the XY plane so you could do 2D plane strain models. I made the matrix Aluminum and the Fiber Steel.nIf instead of Shared Topology, you used Bonded Contact with Cohesive Zone Modeling you could allow the bond to break between the matrix and the fiber.nI don't know what you want to do with the single curve of beams because it is just sitting on the surface of the 3D solid. Did you want that to be a reinforcement of a different material, or simply an edge in a uniform matrix that would allow you to plot result quantities along that edge?nAlso, you left out the .wbpj file from the .rar file so I couldn't open your Workbench project.n