nYou have really cleaned up the geometry nicely.nIt is easier to obtain a Hex mesh if you leave solids separate. You have united all the solids, so all that is available is a Tet mesh. nA Quadratic Tet mesh provides excellent results if the elements are small in the areas of high stress gradient. You can use Mesh controls such as Sizing on the Body with Sphere of Influence to put small elements in a restricted volume, you just need to create a Coordinate System to locate the sphere.nThe benefit of a Quadratic Hex mesh is that fewer elements are needed to fill the volume, which makes the solution take less time to compute. nYou can spend a lot of time slicing up the solid to get the Hex mesh. If you only need to solve it once, it is not worth the time slicing it up. If you need to solve it hundreds of time in a Transient simulation, then it is worth the time to slice it up.n