Replying to Danielshaw and Peter,nIf I also want to take into account the time taken for each loading to occur, is it possible to add this parameter to the ASCII file which is supposed to be attached to the History data? For example, -1 occurs at 0 sec, 1 at 0.5 sec, 2 at 1.5 sec, then -3 at 2.25 sec and so on. Or frequency of the load blocks written in the ASCII file doesn't affect the results in ANSYS?nPlus, it would be extremely helpful if you can attach an example ASCII file which shows the load factors as you have mentioned, for example -1,1,2,-3,0,-2,4.nAnd one last thing, if I have several forces and moments applied to a part, but I want to see the fatigue response of the whole part subjected to only few of them being cyclic loads, how can I perform this? Say I have forces of 10, 15 and 20 N and moments of 50, 60 and 70 N.m, I only want to make 15 N and 70 N.m being cyclic, but at the same time I want the part to remain under the infulence of other constant loads as well, how can I perform fatigue analysis for this condition?n