Ansys Employee
When any CAD geometry is exported as a Parasolid file, it always stores dimensions in meters. So if you have created a block of 100 inches in length, it will be exported as 2.54 m cube. And as APDL is unitless, when APDL reads this Parasolid file, it reads it as 2.54 units. These units can be anything as long as all other units used in APDL are consistent with it. So if you want to see a block of 100 inches as 100 unit you can do one of the following: n1. create your model in meters so, basically while modeling your model in CAD model it in m instead of inches n2. scale the model in APDL as soon as after importing: nYou can use nVLSCALE, ALL,,,39.3701,39.3701,39.3701,0,0,1n3. Import the CAD model directly in DesignModeler/SpaceClaim and connect it to the APDL system in Workbenchn-AniketnHow to access Ansys help linksnGuidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning Forumn