nIn my project, mechanical testing on an avocado is performed. I am trying to replicate the similar condition into ansys under static structural. The avocado fruit was placed under the indenter and loading was applied through universal testing machine until deformation occurred (deformation was observed as the graph for loading value started to lower down). I have properties of avocado flesh(MOE, poisson's ratio, stress-strain curve obtained from mechanical testing data) and skin(young's modulus, poisson's ratio). I have included avocado properties in ansys through applying stress strain curve under uniaxial compression test (for flesh only) & isotropic elasticity(for MOE and poission's ratio(for skin and flesh both). nI have created the geometry of an avocado in solidworks (assembly of plate, avocado(placed on the top of the plate and an indenter over the avocado). Please see the image below.n I have done basic simulation in static structural analysis through making plate surface as a fixed support and force application at the front most part of the indenter (which is touching the avocado fruit). I applied constant force(load) and got this deformation data. But it is not similar to the mechanical testing condition. nn Now I am finding methods for,nhow to apply loading conditions over time on the avocado through indenter ( I have data on load applied(kN) over time(s) on the avocado), (Force/remote force?)nhow to keep the indenter straight while moving it downward(as it moves downward at angle) nhow to apply force through indenter, to get the deformation only on the avocado. (as the loading analysis shows effect on the indenter also) nI am searching for this methods but I'm not able to find it. If you can provide some guidance then it will be really helpful. nThank you.nn n