Thank you for writing up a detailed question, it makes it easier to answer.nUnder the Connections folder, insert a Contact Tool and Generate Initial Contact Status. You expect to see all the contacts Closed. Is the contact between the PCB/Connector shown as Far Open? If so, then you need to increase the Pinball Radius on that contact. nIf it is shown as Closed, Suppress the Point Mass and solve, the PCB/Connector should stay attached. Is that true?nIn that case, with Point Mass Unsuppressed , you should find a message in the Solution Output about a conflict.nThe corrective action is to separate the faces needed for bonding the PCB to the Connectors from the face needed to attach the Point Mass. You could imprint the shape of the Connectors onto the PCB, then imprint a square in the center of the PCB to connect the point mass, that way you will have four faces and none of them touch each other. You will end up with two contacts, one for each connector. Then you should get what you expect.nn