ArraynThe green face is going to move in Y, but it is also going to move in X and rotate about Z. That means the nodes along the right edge of the green surface will reach 2 mm of Directional Deformation along Y before the nodes along the left edge.nWhen you say stop the motion of each and every node on that surface, it seems you want the solution to continue to apply load, but those nodes stop. The way to do that is to use a Frictional (or Frictionless) Contact with an object you would add to the model.nI recommend you create a Multibody part and use Shared Topology to connect the two blocks. Don't use Bonded Contact. That will leave the green surface free to be used in a Frictional Contact with an added part. That added part can be a surface 2 mm away from the green surface. It can be a Rigid surface. Use a Fixed Joint to hold that surface fixed.nYou can do the same with the X and Z direction. It sounds like the rigid surfaces will create a pocket.n