You have two Discussions going for the same model. Read my post here.n choose one discussion for subsequent communications or we will be pointing to suggestions made in the other discussion all the time.When you turn off Large Deflection, you are telling Ansys to do a Linear Analysis. That means if a force of 1 N causes a 1 mm deformation, then a 1000 N force will cause a 1000 mm deformation. It is linear. A real material can't sustain those kinds of deformation, which is why the solution fails when you turn Large Deflection on.nI expect either your force is way too large or your material Young's Modulus is way too low. A common mistake when defining the Young's Modulus is to type in a number without paying attention to the Units that are defined. For example, If you have a value for Youngs Modulus of 200 GPa, and you type 200 but fail to notice that the units are set to psi and not GPa, then you will have a huge error. Please check your units and values for Young's Modulus.nOne way you might get this model to converge is to delete (or suppress) the Force and add a Displacement in mm. You can then request a Reaction Force Probe to see how much force it takes to deform the number of mm you input.n