nWhat material is the indenter made from? If it is steel, you can set that to be a rigid body and then there will be zero stress reported on that body.nUse a Translational Joint to Ground for the indenter. Use a Joint Load to drive the displacement of the indenter.nAre you trying to test a 1/2 an avocado or 1/4? Did you apply a symmetry region?nYou will need many more elements to get good results. Which license are you using, the Student or a Research license?nWhy do you think Explicit Dynamics is required? If the indenter is moving slowly, you can use Static Structural.nDo you have a report that you can share with details on the testing of the avocado flesh and the avocado skin? I want to see details on the sample size and the way it was placed in the testing machine. Are photos available? I want to see the force-deformation data from the testing machine. How was deformation measured? You can put these files into a zip file and attach that to your reply.n