In your other discussion, I see that the Young's Modulus was 5.4 Pa and now you have it at 5.2 MPa. Increased it by nearly a factor of one million! Sounds like my advice above was a good guess.nYou wrote, I tried doing axissymetric analysis im afraid i cant do it because the model isn't 2D.nDo you mean your geometry isn't axisymmetric? Isn't there an axis of revolution? If you draw the cross-section and revolve it around that axis, won't you end up with the 3D geometry that you have? If so, you can take a cross-section and turn the model into an Axisymmetric analysis, but only if the loads are also axisymmetric, which they appear to be.nOn your 3D model, try applying a displacement of 0.6 mm, since the part is 60 mm long, that will result in a 1% strain. See if that converges.n