Use the Mesh Metric of Characteristic Length (CL). Locate the element with the minimum CL. That element is controlling the maximum time step, which controls the elapsed time for the simulation. If it is the case where that element is not one being cut by the tool, revise the mesh to make the minimum CL element much closer to the elements being cut. Double the minimum CL and you can expect to cut the elapsed time in half.nIf you increase the density of the element by a factor of four, you can expect to cut the elapsed time in half. nThese two factors and the Young's Modulus combine in an equation to compute the maximum time step. Mass scalingĀ is an artificial (numerical) mechanism for increasing the CFL (Courant-Friedrichs-Levy) timestep of individual elements that govern the maximum allowed timestep of explicit transient dynamic solutions in Autodyn. Increasing the timestep has the obvious benefit of reducing the number of cycles required to run a simulation to a given point in time. Educated use of this option can therefore result in significant improvements in efficiency.nRead the ANSYS help page on Mass Scaling. nArrayTo open the link above, follow these directions.nTo open the link above, follow these directions.n