nIf you adjust the density of the pcb material to account for the components, you don't need a point mass at all. One advantage of adjusting the density is that it spreads the mass of the components over the full area of the pcb board. Another advantage is there are no conflicts. One newer feature in Mechanical is Distributed Mass, where you pick a face and it distributes the mass over the area of the face. I don't think that creates any conflicts, but I haven't used this feature yet, so if you use it, you can see if the conflict goes away.nIf you insist on a point mass, then you have the right idea on the face in the center. Just make sure to use Behavior = Flexible. Any size face is acceptable.nI don't know why the Free-Free modes are not zero for all six modes. Perhaps the model has an unintended connection to ground. I would be happy to check the model out if you attach a zip file containing the Ansys Project Archive .wbpz file and say what version of Ansys you are using.n