ArrayThank you very much for your support! I did try COMBI250 element from the joint, but it would not allow me to run the analysis. I ended up adding full 3D model of the bolts and matching the nodes between all my MPC bonded contact surfaces, through face sizing. This allowed me to pass Suitability check on my full model! It did take a lot of time to match all the contact surfaces in my CAD and make sure that there are no overlaps or gaps. Also, to analyze in more detail the forces on the Bolts, I added a 0N preload, to be able to perform Bolt Analysis and extract Axial forces on the bolts, although I do get the information I need from the Von Mises and Shear stresses on the bolt shaft portion. I also learned to use Object Generator - thanks for the tip!nPerhaps Ansys can fix their beam elements to be able to perform thermo-elastic simulations in their next releases. n