Thank you Keyur for your useful answers. Well, while I was preparing some pictures for this question, I found new things which help answering my initial question but also raise new questions.nMy model was in fact an overset mesh with 2.7M elements in the background and 700k element in the component mesh. Only surfaces were appearing in the results. I simplified the model and used only the background mesh to see if anything changes. As I said in my question, the interior was still hidden from contour results. nAs you suggested, I created an isosurface in the case with overset mesh. Then I noticed that the interiors are now appearing. I have another 3D model without overset mesh where the interiors are appearing from the beginning without need to change anything. I don?t know what makes interiors to come in one case and go in another case. But I guess there is a problem with my model itself which I have just explained it in another post as it is a different topic and the pictures are shown in there as well. The link for that question: