As you correctly pointed, I'm trying to select all the elements on the XY plane at 2, then trying to find all the nodes on that plane. After that I I did not create any name selection in the analysis so far. I'm trying to find all the nodes number on XY plane with help of commands. Please see the modified command lines n/POST1nSET,LASTnNSEL,S,LOC,Z,2            ! Selected all elements on the surface at 2 mm in ISO surface     n*GET,NNUM,NODE,,COUNT        !GET NUMBER OF NODES on the selected plane n*DIM,RESULTS,ARRAY,1,1 ! defining array resultsnVGET,RESULTS(1,1),NODE,1,ATTR,ELEM  ! store node number in results(1,1)n*CFOPEN,'\8.Analysis\Analysis_models\Fine_thread_fine\Analysis_4','txt' !n*VWRITE,RESULTS(1,1) ! writing results in file n(f12.4)  n*CFCLOS ! closing programnStill there is no success, I get 00000 in the file, no output. Kindly help in this, its driving me crazy.n