HiArraynI further refined my code, this time I'm getting only zeroes in the output file no success. Please look into the command lines and suggest changes if any.n/POST1nNSEL,S,LOC,Z,2            ! Selected all elements on the surface at 2 mm in ISO surface     n*GET,NUMNODE,NODE,0,COUNT       !GET NUMBER OF NODES IN MODEL  n*GET,CURNOD,NODE,0,NUM,MIN     !RETRIEVE MINIMUM NODE NUMBER on the surface n*GET,NUM1,ELEM,0,COUNT        !GET NUMBER OF element on the surface n/OUTPUT,\8.Analysis\Analysis_4,txt,,APPENDn*VWRITE,NUMNODE,NUM1,CURNODn(F8.0,5X,F8.0,5X,F8.0)  n/OUTPUTnnWhat I'm looking is detailed in the previous post. Thanks you in advance.n