Thank you for your response! This geometry is continuous structure and I prefer not to consider bonded contact. For the fine mesh, I would like to apply area pressure on those small volumes. What I mean actually is that, consider a roller passing over this structure with a high radial load. Based on Hertz contact theory a pressure distribution and an area is generated at the contact location. But now, I would like to remove that roller from my structure and instead apply area pressure at those small volumes where roller was placed. The thickness of those small volumes is equal to contact width by Hertz contact theory. I know Hertz contact does not have uniform pressure, but for simplification, I want to apply a uniform pressure on my model. This is the concept behind this model.nnFor tet elements, they do not create a symmetry pressure distribution as the hex elements. Also, I read they are stiffer elements and less accurate compared with Hertz (my knowledge in this sentence is limited).I appreciate any help you can provide. n