You can export hard copies as Dr. Amine indicated, a strategy is to dsiplay the mesh, contours, etc.. and particle tracks added to scene with colormap as desired. Be sure to setup the view with the exact perspective that you want (zoom, angle, lightning, etc..) and save the view. This way you ensure you later wont lose this view. nYou can create autoexecution commands that will repeat the image export as desired (each # time-step or iteration). I'd do something like this, to display:1) the scene 2) the view 3) export the picture. You can later post-process this easily with Matlab or ffmpeg, etc... to create your animations. Hope this helpsnn(be sure to append the time in your file name, e.g. my_image_%t.jpg, so you'll have your files sorted and ready to be read in the post-processing )n