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Hello! Thanks for your questions. Please see my answers below.n1.) It appears to me that you're trying to run a DCIR simulation and that being the case, your settings seem reasonable. PWM IC consumes power so you can define a current sink to it. We have complete end to end DCIR workflow videos right from reading the schematic of a board. Watch
target=blank>Part 1and
target=blank>Part 2- all the configuration steps are covered. These videos will give you a clear idea of where and how to define voltage sources and current sinks on a PCB before running a DCIR simulation in SIwave.n2.) At each frequency, SIwave plots the max value of Etotal. It is plotted in decibels since it distributes the points logarithmically allowing for a smaller set of values of Etotal and a smoother curve to be displayed on the graph. You can, however, set this to any appropriate Function such as mag or dB. To do this, navigate to the project manager window in Electronics Desktop and just double-click the report option. This operation will open the Reporter dialog. From here, you can select the Function of interest instead of dB.n