Ansys Employee
Hi Yahya,nThe ANSYS License manager service would appear only when you have the ANSYS License manager installed on your machine.nThis might not be required in your scenario since you are pointing to a central license server: license.mines.edunPlease check the encoding of the ansyslmd.ini file - if it's set to ANSI nAlternatively, you can also use this environment variable to point to the ANSYS Licenses: Under Windows search, type system environment and select Edit system environment variables , then click on Environment variables -> Under system variables, click NewnVariable Name: ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILEnVariable Value: 1055@license.mines.edunClick OKnAlso, please check your VPN connection if it's good to reach the network where the license server resides.nThank you.nBest,nDivya Shreen